“RAD Torque system being use to replaced manual torque wrench for aircraft wheel nuts application. To date this precision equipment proved to be reliable and help to install more than million of wheel nuts with accurate torque.”

Oil & Gas

Left: RAD tools being use to tighten bolt at compressor cap. 
Right: RAD tools for BOP application

Manufacturing & Assembly Plant

“RAD torque system being use in valve manufacturing plant to increase production time and protect the operator from back injury cause by using manual torque wrench.”

Power Generation

Left: RAD torque in turbine casing application 
Right: RAD torque use to bolting at turbine pump


“Creativity: As far as smooth rotation is require, RAD tools can be adapt to or use for many application like turbine turning gear, cranking, barring, running the tap, large engine tuning and etc.”

Transportation (Oil Tanker)

Maintenance & Services

“Improve productivity and minimize downtime: RAD torque makes hydro-test easier and faster during maintenance/shutdown.”

Water Company

“RAD 34GX being use to remove badly corroded 80mm nut at 1800mm butterfly valve.”


“RAD makes the job easier, faster and safer comparing to conventional systems which required a lot of energy and sometimes can be very risky or dangerous.”